A Chest Holster Tough Enough for Alaska

"The Ultimate" Chest Holster

“The Ultimate” Chest Holster

Our holsters are made with 1680 denier nylon, which in Alaska, is a huge advantage to a leather holster.

In bear country, guns must be quickly accessible so holsters are worn on the outside of clothing, even rain jackets.

The chest is the preferred location to wear holsters for fast accessibility.

Since weather changes here in an instant, a holster worn on the chest often endures rain, mud, saltwater, abuse from brush, and anything else the extreme Alaskan seasons can dish out.

Unlike leather holsters, our tough nylon chest holsters can get soaked and be hung to dry with no worries of shrinkage, stretching, cracking and dry rotting; no oiling needed.

High Quality Holsters – Heavy Duty Construction

We construct our holsters with double layers of fabric and inner waterproof layers which gives them rigidity. The multiple stitching is made with a heavy UV blocking thread.

All tabs and straps on holsters are a high quality nylon webbing. The D-Rings are a heavy welded wire in a black dull finish. These holsters are tough, keep their shape, and are comfortable enough to wear on your chest all day.