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Gen2-MTU Holsters for Semi-Automatic handguns

This new patented design is made to fit the same handguns as the original “Ultimate” Chest Holster line:
Here are the key features of the Gen2-Large Auto, which has been expanded to the Compact and Subcompact sizes as well:

1- Cut behind the grip for a smaller “footprint’ and ease of draw.

2- Doubled up and inset tightly woven elastic retention strap for a secure carry and a lightning fast release.

3- Magazine pouch(es) oriented at a 90 degree rotation from the original design, which allows the individual a more fluid magazine change out.. Additionally, the magazine pouch(es) have been created to hold a wider variety of magazines within the size range of the holster purchased.

4- An additional D-ring placed in the shoulder harness system for more flexibility when wearing on either shoulder (holster designed to be worn on right shoulder in the right draw model and vice versa for the left)

5- HK snap for fixing holster onto the body for a more tactical look and feel.

6- Logo placed onto the back of the holster for the “blackout” tactical look.

There are no belt loops on this holster, but there are still plenty of 7 gauge welded wire D-rings for lashing or fixing the holster onto a pack if needed or desired.

Our Gen2-MTU Semi-Auto holsters come in several distinct sizes to fit many models of semi-automatic handguns including Large, Medium, Compact Plus, and Subcompact frame sizes.

All semi-auto holsters come with a mag pouch large enough to accommodate the carry of an extra magazine, and the Large Auto Size has a one a or a two Mag Pouch option.

Available Styles: Right Hand or Left Hand Draw
Available Sizes: Large One Mag Pouch, Large Two Mag Pouches, Compact Plus, Subcompact

Sizing Information

Large Auto (Gen2-MTU-Lg-1 and Gen2-MTU-Lg-2)- Fits most service and standards semi-Autos including: Glock models 17,20,21,22, and 37, HK 45, S&W M&P®9

Compact Plus (Gen2-CP)- Fits most compact and many short barrel full sized semi-autos including: Ruger® SR40®, SR9®, The Springfield XD(M) Series, and Glock models 19, 23, 32, and 38. This holster will also accommodate the Glock 29 with the extended foot on the magazine.

Subcompact (Gen2-SC)- Fits Most Sub-Compact semi-autos including: S&W M&P Shield™ 9mm and .40, The Glock models 26-30, 33, 39, 42 and 43 The Ruger®SR40c®, and the S&W M&P®9c

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Gen 2 MTU Sizes

Compact Plus, Large One Mag Pouch, Large Two Mag Pouches – add $2, Subcompact

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